Why Nintex For Workflow Automation?

We Empower People During Processes
People matter. They design our buildings. They run our factories. They start new businesses. They heal us. They help us. They teach us. And they know a lot about how to improve their work. Nintex puts power in the hands of the people who best understand its processes. From newcomers to seasoned workflow professionals, everyone can benefit from Nintex’s workflow automation platform.

Workflow engagement should be painless to be successful. Nintex brings the work to you, rather than making you learn one more system or require you to click another link. We integrate your workflows with social media, instant messaging, content, email, and applications that you already use

Facilitated, Non-Limited Processes
Customers like the drag-and-drop design of our workflow platform, which saves valuable IT staff time. Nintex achieves this by focusing on being easy (reduce steps) rather than being simple (reduce choices). This is how our platform manages to be powerful enough for the elaborate corporate work and at the same time affordable enough for the department’s daily work

Documents of All Forms and Anywhere
Nintex knows that you store your documents in many places and in many ways. We know that you use many applications from many vendors in the cloud and in your data center. This is not enough to make integration possible; It should be practical. Benefit from the seamless integration of all your data and documents.

Global Leaders
More than 5000 public and private organizations in 90 countries benefit from the Nintex platform.

Nintex customers, including 200 Fortune 500, appreciate the ease of automating their workflows. These dynamic global leaders, who represent a wide range of core industries, manage millions of Nintex workflows daily and rely on Nintex to maintain their workflow.

They tell us that workflow solutions based on our platform help save time and money so they can focus on their most important projects.

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